Emergency Communication
Conference 2018

Schloss Gloggnitz, NOE
10. November 2018

Die EmCom 2018

Different Operation Modes and Systems for Radio Communication are a barrier in the collaboration of Relief Units or Organisations especially during Crisis Operation.

EMCOM.at  is a forum for Desaster Communication and shall activate and improve the collaboration before disaster happens , in order to have the same understanding of radio communication during the scenario.

The interdisciplinary collaboration of radio operators at public authorities and first responders, critical infrastructure providers and media, as well as the general public improves the Austrian resilience.

Due to rapid changes and developments in social media applications officials are forced to search for new ways of communication with the general Public. Therefore extended knowledge transfer is needed.


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The event takes place in
Schloss Gloggnitz, 
Kirchensteig 3
2640 Gloggnitz

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